6 Things to Do If You Want to Become a Faster Runner

If your goal is to run a faster race, here’s what the pros suggest.

When it comes to marathon training advice, you can’t get much more cliché than “slow and steady wins the race.” But if you’ve ever run a marathon yourself, or gone to watch a big race and cheered on the marathoners, you’ll see that this often really rings true as far as race day execution is concerned.

Every recreational distance runner I know would probably say they have trained too fast at some point in their running career. I’m certainly guilty of this myself. After my first marathon in 2010, I set a goal to qualify for the Boston Marathon. While this certainly isn’t something that’s impossible to achieve, it was too aggressive a goal for my racing and training level at the time. Although I did initially make some gains (including my first sub-four-hour marathon finish!), piling on too much too soon landed me with back-to-back injuries and put me behind further in reaching that goal (which is still at the top of my running bucket list, by the way).

A silver lining, I suppose, is that I’ve had plenty of time to reflect on this and eventually adopt smarter training practices to finally start seeing big results. The most important thing I learned is that just training faster and harder isn’t the best way to actually be a faster runner.

So what is? Although I have nearly 15 years of long-distance running experience under my belt, I’m not exactly an expert—so I decided to talk with experienced, professional running coaches to find out what exactly they recommend for people who are trying to become a faster runner for their next long-distance race.

1. Embrace the power of slow runs.
A common mistake that new or less-seasoned long-distance runners make is taking the effort they’ve put into their fastest 5K or 10K times and attempting to execute those paces for their half or full marathon training runs.

“Runners who do this usually have the idea that they want to see how long they can keep a certain pace, and while they will initially see improvements, it oftentimes just leads to burnout and injuries,” Andre Laboy, a coach with the Run S.M.A.R.T. Project, a group of certified coaches led by exercise scientist Jack Daniels, Ph.D. in New York City, tells SELF.

“Doing this is actually more likely going to get you a first-class ticket to overtraining,” adds Tawnee Gibson, M.S., C.S.C.S., a certified running and U.S. triathlon coach in Laguna Beach, California, and host of the Endurance Planet podcast. “It’s really hard to get new athletes to avoid getting down on themselves when told to run slowly, but I can’t stress it any harder: Slowing down during long-distance training doesn’t make you a failure; it actually makes you a very smart athlete,” she tells SELF.

Running slowly during long runs helps you ease your body into the increased stress of running longer, which is key for avoiding injuries and burnout. It’s also the best way to improve endurance—or ability to last through a long-distance race like a marathon—which is an important foundation to build before working on speed.

Laboy advises his athletes to run their easy and long runs about 45 seconds to one minute slower than their marathon goal pace. The idea behind this is that you’re improving your fitness while ensuring that you’re recovering the next day (versus taking several days or more to recover, as you would following a race-pace marathon). According to Laboy, the best way to tell if you are running easy enough is to check to see if you can comfortably and easily hold a conversation. “You should be able to tell your running buddy a story about something that happened last night without gasping for air,” he says. “If not, you should definitely slow down.”

2. Determine your VDOT score.

The Run S.M.A.R.T. Project’s Web site features a free race and training pace calculator based on the Jack Daniels VDOT methodology of measuring your current running ability. A runner’s VDOT is a score given based on how he or she did in a recent race. Based on your recent race finish time, the calculator will tell you the appropriate pace for various distances, which is helpful if you like having specific pace targets while training. The calculator also allows athletes to see how much they should adjust their paces when training at altitude or when the temperatures and humidity levels soar.
“Lots of coaches use this score when determining a runner’s correct workout paces or equivalent race performances and implement proper training paces without having their athletes do a VO2 max test (which measures the maximum volume of oxygen an athlete can use),” Laboy tells SELF. “If a runner has no idea what their score is, they can run a race where they are attempting to run their fastest time possible and put that performance into the calculator to assist in coming up with appropriate marathon training practices and goals.” In other words, by the time the marathon comes along, you’ll have a pretty good idea of which pace group to join.

3. Take social media posts with a grain of salt.
Social media is a common culprit as far as contributing to self-sabotaging practices like running too fast in training.

“Don’t get caught up in what your friends are doing,” Laboy says. “That Strava or Instagram post likely doesn’t tell the whole story, and while you’re over there comparing yourself to someone else who supposedly makes their similar goals look almost ‘too easy,’ they may well be pushing themselves too hard in that workout and not actually training appropriately. It’s important to remember that you’re training for yourself and not for anyone else.”
Gibson echoes that sentiment, adding that if looking at social media causes you to easily fall into a comparison trap and question your self-worth, it’s probably best to simply take a break from it as far as logging your training is concerned.

4. Consider “runplugging.”
On a personal level, I can attest to the fact that ditching my headphones and music cold turkey has made a huge difference when it comes to running smartly during marathon training. Although music can be motivating, it’s natural to match your running pace to the beat of the music rather than running at the perfect training pace for you. Not only that, there’s no mistaking that it’s safer to be completely aware of your surroundings on a run, regardless of the type of running workout you’ve got planned on a given day.

Laboy also recommends not being overly reliant on GPS watches and technology, but rather using them more for of an “after the fact” review of your workouts. “It’s key to practice how things should feel and use yourself and your body to judge what a good effort is rather than your watch,” he says.

5. If you’re new to long-distance running, focus on target heart rate instead of pace.

Gibson always has her athletes focus on target heart rate training rather than pace, especially in the initial weeks and months of marathon training. She advises new runners to find their “happy starting pace” by using Dr. Phil Maffetone’s Maximum Aerobic Function method to find their ideal aerobic training heart rate, and running two to four miles while maintaining this heart rate. Maffetone, a renowned researcher and expert in exercise physiology and biofeedback, put together the formula—subtract your age from 180—to give people an idea of the heart rate that will help them perform aerobic exercise optimally.
According to the 180 formula, if you are 35 years old, you should aim to keep your heart rate around 145 beats per minute. There are also ways to modify the number to account for other health and fitness factors an individual person may face. For example, if you have or are recovering from a major illness or are on any regular medication, you subtract an additional 10. (You can find more details on the formula here.)
“This is the highest heart rate you want to train at to develop aerobic fitness, and I truly believe it is the safest way for new runners to train,” Gibson says. “With pace-based training, it’s really easy to let your ego get in the way, but with heart rate training, it’s much easier to slow down once you understand the science behind it.”

After a few months, you will be able to gradually increase your speed and see that you can hold a faster pace at the same heart rate. That’s the point where Gibson and her athletes will start about talking goal times and adding in training runs that target that specific pace.

6. Incorporate speed workouts and race-pace runs into your training.
Speed workouts and faster, shorter intervals play an important role in improving running economy (how much oxygen you use for energy while running) and form, Laboy says. He often recommends runners do a few miles of their long runs at marathon goal pace, or even a shorter long run—like 10 to 13 miles—entirely at marathon goal pace. (Pretty much any training plan will call for some form of intervals or race-pace training. Check out the plans offered by Runner’s World or expert marathon coach Hal Higdon if you’re new to half-marathon or marathon training.)
“Some common feedback that I get is clients saying ‘I don’t think I can do this’ when practicing their race pace after mostly running slow and easy, but I remind them of the scene at their race—they’re likely going to be racing in ideal conditions on a flatter course than they trained on, there will be water stations at their disposal, and people cheering them on most of the way,” he says. “Race day is when you have to shift your brain from training and focus on the moment at hand. That’s the time to run off feel and see what happens. If you’ve trained properly, you’ll more than likely be surprised by how great the result is.”

Secrets to Increase Running Endurance: Get Past the Sucking Wind

You’ve finally conquered one distance, which obviously means you wouldn’t spend time getting better at it, but instead dive right in to a longer race!

This is the bizarre world of running and part of why I love it. Challenges never end.

Thus leading to the next question “how do I increase running endurance?” Why can you crush 5 miles, but not 6? Why do you fly through 10 miles, but need two weeks to recover from 13?

Let’s start with what is endurance. As stated by the dictionary:

1. the fact or power of enduring or bearing pain, hardships, etc.
2. the ability or strength to continue or last, especially despite fatigue, stress, or other adverse conditions
3. lasting quality; duration:
4. something endured, as a hardship; trial.

That description might sound a little harsh, but that’s the reality. Endurance running is a process of embracing discomfort.

Not the I want to vomit discomfort of track sprints, but the “am I still going? why can’t I feel my toes?” discomfort of increased time in your shoes. So let’s discover how to increase stamina for running to help you get through 5K or 26.2.

Since I love this topic so much I’ve covered it in video and detailed below. Let me know which way is most helpful to you, so I can keep creating the content you need!

Tips to Improve Running Endurance

Some of these will sound like no-brainers, but you aren’t doing them or you wouldn’t be emailing me in utter frustration every week, so read it anyways! These will show you how to increase running stamina for beginners.Increase Running Endurance

Slow Down
You need to get in more time on your feet and the only way that will happen is by lowering your fatigue in the early miles to allow you to go farther later. Learning how to run farther is often first about learning how to truly run easy.

One of the best tools for this is LHR training, which I have talked about extensively.

The basic idea is to build a base of aerobic fitness which allows you to continue running farther without raising your heart rate, which is what taxes the body and slows down recovery when we do it repeatedly for long distances.

Step 1 for how to run longer is truly to work on your pacing. Stop worrying about your watch for a few runs, once you break through a mileage barrier where you’ve been stuck your brain and body will open up to the possibilities.


Believe that walking and being a runner aren’t compatible? Real runners don’t walk??

Or do they?! This is not about run-walk intervals. This is about adding walking to your routine, which does so much for allowing your body to get used to more time on your feet!

Running along side one of the speediest man I’d ever met, I was shocked when he told me his very expensive coach ordered him to start more walking AFTER finishing long runs. Validation that all my walking is more than just free transportation!

Does walking help running endurance?

Let’s look at why I’ve found it so helpful:

• Walking builds endurance {consider it extra credit training}
• More time on your feet during training ensures you are race ready even after the expo and site exploring on race weekend
• One can walk much further than they can run
• It utilizes the same muscles without the impact
• Walking eases low back pain {an issue of many desk jockeys}
• Walking strengthens your feet
• Walking large hills strengthens the glutes without the heart rate raising intensity
• Adding some walking to your routine might just help you run farther and faster by building leg strength, increasing lung capacity, reducing stress and burning extra calories.running stamina

Speed Up

No time for all those extra miles, then you might need to checkout the Hanson Plan, which is all about using less frequent, but more intense runs.

Under this method, you aren’t training with long runs, but instead using those intense short runs, to allow you to run much farther on race day by simply slowing down.

In this method you are building endurance by going hard on shorter runs, which then can make a longer run feel easier when you slow down.

Another option here is to ensure that your slower runs, also include cross training days of HIIT or circuit training. Those bursts of high intensity moves can help make your running at a slower pace feel easier mentally, simply because it’s not require the same intensity.Increase running stamina with weights

Incorporate Hills
Early in base building, I have all my runners include hill workouts because it creates leg strength and encourages better running form. You have to drive your knee up, rather than over extending the leg to make it up the hill. These two pieces together improve endurance and injury prevention.

Beat Boredom
This one rarely enters my mind, but I hear it so often “how do you keep going, I just get so bored!” Of course you aren’t going to keep pushing the distance if it’s boring and why would you. A few ways to make it more interesting:
• Running in new places, while actually paying attention to what’s around you
• Try trail running
• Practice my treadmill boredom beaters
• Ask friends to run with you
• Join a running group
• Don’t try to run daily, mix in other cross training activities
• Listen to audiobooks or podcasts instead of music

Manageable Goals
Maybe one of the reasons you aren’t increasing your distance is the goals you set…are you trying to go from one mile to your first 10K and feeling like you’ve signed up to climb Mount Everest?

Stop focusing on the ultimate goal and look at today’s goal. Today you simply need to go one step farther than you did yesterday and it’s a success, you’ve officially improved your running stamina. Those little steps add up, stop discounting them! Minus Dean Karnazes, few of us head on our first run and conquer the world.

We do it little by little.
Consistently showing up.
Embracing the bad runs.
Believing we can.

That’s right, as much as running is about getting your lungs, heart and legs on board, it’s all a bust if you don’t get your brain in the game.

How can I run longer without getting tired?

It’s a process of incorporating all of the techniques listed above. You need to allow your muscles to get stronger through the right workouts, you need to back off the pace to give your body longer energy, you need to mentally jump some hurdles and it will happen.

So maybe there isn’t really a secret at all, it’s just about showing up day after day and putting in a little more time on your feet without being so focused on your watch.

What helped you increase your distance?

What’s your current distance goal?

How To Increase Stamina In Bed And Build Up Endurance

What happens in the bedroom is a touchy, private subject, especially because everyone wants to perform well. There’s a lot of pressure to impress, but sometimes that pressure is a double edged sword. It’s hard to get it up and keep it up if you’re constantly worrying about your stamina, and how it compares to other men. Instead of worrying whether you’ll be able to please your partner in bed, do something about it. There are lots of natural ways to build stamina and endurance.

Build endurance through exercise
Don’t be confused by aerobics, exercises to increase your sexual endurance are a bit different. Build upper body strength so you don’t get tired when you’re on top, but don’t forget the importance of the lower half, either. Even if you last a long time, if you can’t move your hips, you probably won’t be able to generate a lot of pleasure.

It’s recommended practicing hip lunges, stepping forward with one foot with the knee slightly bend and leaning into it until you feel a stretch. Another good exercise to improve performance is the gluteal bridge. Just lay on your back, knees bent, and lift your butt up, using your glutes for support. Hold for 30 seconds, bring it back down then repeat it again. And again. It’s a pretty common movement during sex.

The topic is sometimes a bit taboo, but this method has helped men improve their stamina for years. Besides, 94 percent of men already say they masturbate according to the Independent, so you might as well embrace the will of the majority. Masturbate regularly to improve your endurance and stamina, but be careful you don’t come to depend on it. If you’ve got a big date coming up, masturbate beforehand to impress your date by lasting all night. You know the saying, practice makes perfect.

Determine if you have erectile dysfunction
If you are experiencing a lot of difficulties when it comes to getting it up or staying erect during sex, you might have erectile dysfunction. The word alone is enough to make any man insecure, but it’s actually more common than you think. According to the National Health Service, 50 percent of men between 40 and 70 have some form of it.

Erectile dysfunction treatment varies depending on the cause, which can be physiological, or psychological. Some treatments involve cognitive behavioral therapy, medications, or lifestyle changes to improve blood flow. Either way, don’t feel ashamed, because you’re not alone, and a doctor can help you find a solution that works.

Lose a few pounds
Studies show that people who are overweight tend to experience more sexual problems than those who have a healthy BMI, and one of those problems is performance. However, after losing weight, even just 5 percent, can crank up a person’s sex drive and even treat erectile dysfunction according to CNN. Losing weight might help for several reasons: it can improve self-esteem, increase blood flow, and may even help promote testosterone.

Quit smoking
The negative consequences of smoking have been well documented, especially when it comes to heart and lung health, but you may not have known smoking could also be contributing to your problems in the bedroom. Studies show a strong connection between smoking and erectile dysfunction, but the good news is it’s reversible. The cure? Just quit smoking. In most cases, performance improves.

Drink in moderation

If you’ve ever binge drank, you may have noticed your endurance tank afterward. Alcohol abuse is tied with problems performing, especially when someone has become dependent on alcohol. In one study, 70 men out of a 100 who had problems with alcohol also had sexual dysfunction. Even if you aren’t an alcoholic, over indulging will definitely take away any progress you’ve made in improving your stamina.

Try a home remedy hack
Once again, Chinese Traditional Medicine is here to save the day. The root Panax Ginseng has been used in Asia for a while to treat erectile dysfunction, and it might help you, too. It’s not without basis either, some small studies have shown it made animals more sexually active and increased their sperm production. As far as humans are concerned, it had some similar effects, increasing sperm count, and making it easier to get an erection.

By keeping these things in mind, you’ll be ready to show off in the bedroom in no time. While these methods will certainly help you gain stamina and improve your endurance over time, they won’t be able to naturally increase penis size or hardness. If that’s part of your concern, consider trying Biomanix. If nothing seems to work, and your frustration is getting the better of you, it might be time to speak with your doctor.

How to put clothing latex on

Latex is fun. But many people would like to know a couple of tips on how to put on latex clothing. In the majority of cases, the material is tight, and it is more than obvious why people would need some help sliding into it. Here, we will go through all you need to know about latex, how to wear it, and how to make the best of the situation. 

Latex clothing fit

Latex garments come in many shapes and sizes. There are different designs available, and you can find almost anything you imagine. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a standard. Or at least something close to it. The majority of latex clothing is tight. While you could go for loose models, they aren’t as common, and most people will love the feeling of tightness. 

In fact, it is one of the primary reasons for the popularity of this material. Wearing latex feels like having a second skin, and it is quite tight. This allows people to show off their bodies, and it can do wonders for one’s self-esteem. 

Another thing that can change the way latex feels on your skin is the thickness of the material. Thinner versions are stretchier and more comfortable, while thicker latex will outline your body better. It all comes down to your personal preference and what you are trying to achieve with your outfit. 

Now, if we are talking about loose clothes, putting them on is quite simple. It works the same way as any other piece of clothing. So, our primary focus today is on skin-tight clothes. 

Order the right size

If we are talking about tight latex, it is crucial that you pick the right size. It is the only way to fully enjoy the material without any problems. When you get clothes, they will need to be just the right size to serve the purpose. If you buy latex clothes that are too loose, it can irritate your skin since it will be moving too much. Moreover, it won’t look nearly as good if it hangs on you. 

At the same time, picking up clothes that are too tight won’t allow you to be comfortable. Yes, latex is stretchy, but that doesn’t mean that you should try and push its limits. Moreover, the material should be reasonably tight. If you get something too small, wearing it will be far from enjoyable. It might also prevent blood flow and ruin your entire experience. It will also restrict your movements, and you won’t be able to move as intended. 

The only way to truly enjoy wearing latex is if you get the right size. You can always measure yourself before you order online, and ensure to order laidtex online store for the right fit. 

How to put it on

This leads us to the fun part. How to put the latex suit on. Unlike regular clothes, latex can be a bit tricky to slide into. The thing is, the material is tight, and pulling it too hard can create tears in it. If you just try to force it, there is a chance that you will destroy your suit. So, the first thing you will need to do is be careful. 

One thing you can use is dressing aids since they can make the entire experience a lot simpler. Among the most popular options are talcum powder and silicone lube. They both have their pros and cons. Talcum powder is cheaper, and it will be more than helpful for most people. However, if you sweat a lot, there is a chance that the moisture will wash off the talcum, making it a bit uncomfortable to wear latex. 

Silicone-based lubricants are more expensive, but they last for long periods of time, and they do a great job of adding shine to your latex clothing. It will also allow the material to easily slide in its place, and you won’t have any problems with it. 

How to wear it comfortably

Let’s take a look at a couple of tricks that will help you be comfortable while wearing latex and how to ensure the material is not damaged in the process. First, while it might be tempting, you shouldn’t put anything on your skin. This includes lotions and oils. Oils can easily degrade latex, and the material will be ruined in no time. Your skin should be completely dry and clean before you put on some clothes. Of course, if you want to make things simpler and smoother, you can use talcum powder or lube as we mentioned earlier. 

It is a general rule that you shouldn’t wear anything under it. So, you won’t need panties, a bra, or anything else. The reason for this is that the material is so tight, and everything will be noticeable. Also, if latex gets in contact with metals, it can get permanently stained. And you would want to avoid that. 

Finally, be sure to take your time. If you are wearing latex for the first time, it can be challenging. You should gradually increase the time wearing it and work your way up. There is nothing wrong with choosing your own pace. 

Proper storage

Once you have had your fun, you can take off your clothes and store them somewhere. We always recommend washing latex clothes after each use since it will prolong their lifespan. If you are wondering about the best method for washing, use warm water and mild soap. And of course, always wash latex by hand. 

As for the storage, you would want the clothes to be completely dry before you put them somewhere. That place should be away from sunlight, in a dark and dry location. If you want to simplify things, use talcum powder on the clothes before folding them and place them in a plastic bag. It is also worth mentioning again that you should avoid metal products (especially hangers), and if you plan on using hangers, stick to the wooden ones.

Running Exercise vs. Weightlifting: How are these two different from each other?

What is the best and quickest way to lose fat and build muscle? Is it better to go out for a jog or to hit the gym several days a week? And which type of exercise burns the highest amount of calories? Let’s find out! 

Running Exercise Is Cardio Exercise

For starters, running is one of the most effective types of cardiovascular exercise. Also, it’s the most affordable form of exercise and the most flexible now that we all have busy schedules. 


Generally, running is considered an aerobic sport. It trains your aerobic metabolism by giving you more oxygen. Numerous sports medicine studies have proved that this aerobic activity is one of the most efficient ways to improve heart health. It burns a ton of calories while boosting metabolic hormones. Plus, it quickly reduces body fat and lowers your blood pressure, heart rate, and your cholesterol levels. 


What’s more, when you go out for a jog, you should aim to keep your heart rate running at 50-80 percent of its maximum. While this gives you a good idea of how hard you’re working, boosting your heart rate also helps the blood circulate to all of the major muscle groups. It gives them all the necessary nutrients plus increased oxygen. Aside from lowering your blood pressure, running exercise can also result in better sleep, rapid weight loss, boosted immune system, and many other benefits. 

Weightlifting Is Overall Body Exercise

When it comes to weightlifting, it will not help you to burn as many calories as running would. However, resistance training has many other benefits that you won’t get from running. 


There are many types of weightlifting exercises out there, but this activity mainly focuses on working out specific parts of the body. That includes your arms, shoulders, abs, legs, thighs, etc. Compared to cardio workouts, weight training is actually a better choice if you want to boost your muscle mass. 


When you lift weights, your muscles will also burn more calories and fat, but in a different way compared to running. This will usually happen in the hours following the exercise or the day after. 


Studies have shown that weight-lifting boosts your metabolism more effectively compared to running. Also, it could even help you burn more calories in the long term, especially since it regulates your metabolism and helps you lose fat while giving you more energy as you rest. Strength training can also improve your balance and posture, strengthen your bones, lower inflammation, tighten the skin, etc.

You Will Lose Weight With Running Exercise

So what are the biggest running exercise and weightlifting differences? Well, running and weight-lifting are two of the most effective types of exercise for weight loss. When you sprint or jog, your body will release more heat. In turn, your high-intensity cardio session will produce more sweat. It will help you burn more calories than you took in. 

Increased sweat and body heat indicate that your body utilizes natural elements to keep you moving. Plus, even if you don’t make any changes in your diet, running will boost your physical activity to help you support or lose weight. 


On average, you can burn between 80 and 140 calories per mile. However, that number can increase substantially if you move faster. In fact, studies have shown that aerobic exercise burns 10 times more fat compared to lifting weights.


But, the downside here is that you can also lose muscle mass while running. That is, while running can strengthen your legs, thighs, and glutes, it can also decrease your overall body mass. However, there is a way to eliminate this muscle loss. You should keep a steady diet and make sure that your body has enough fuel to sustain your muscles before and after your running session. 

You Gain Weight Through Weightlifting

It’s true: you will eventually end up gaining weight as you lift. But don’t worry. All of that weight will come as a result of you losing unhealthy fat and boosting your muscle mass. Hitting the bench press or using dumbbells will increase your muscle strength and size by activating new muscle fibers. And as we all know, muscle tissue is much heavier than fat. In fact, you will see some improvements in muscle mass after only 2 to 3 gym sessions.


However, it will take a full month until you see a major increase in lean muscle mass. During this period, it may be better to do more reps with lower weights. That way, you’ll build endurance and give your nervous system and muscle tissue a chance to recover.


Additionally, your diet as well as your pre and post-workout meals will play a significant role here. You will need a balanced diet of carbs, healthy fats, and protein to maintain your metabolism and help your body build more lean tissue while decreasing fat. 

More Calories Are Burned While Running Exercise

Calories are a measurement of how much energy your body releases when it absorbs and digests food. Running helps you burn approximately 80 to 150 calories per mile. Meaning, if you run for 30 minutes, you will burn anywhere from 280 to 520 calories. 


Of course, that will mainly depend on the amount of time you spend running, your weight, and your speed. If you move faster, and if you extend your jogging sessions, you will burn more calories per minute. 


Your terrain will also influence the way you burn calories. For example, running uphill can help you lose more weight. Of course, if you want to drop some weight, you’ll need to burn more calories than you consume no matter what you do. 

Weightlifting Burns Few Calories

As mentioned, your results will vary substantially depending on your diet, your body weight, and your choice of fitness goals. It’s not as easy to measure the calorie loss for weight-lifting compared to running because of so many differences between the various lifting exercises. Also, whether or not you take long breaks between your reps will play a huge impact on your calorie loss. 


On average, lifting makes you burn around 90 to 120 calories in a 30-minute session. But, with vigorous weightlifting, you could end up losing 500 calories per hour. This is approximately 200 calories less than you would waste while running for an hour. By session, running does burn more calories. However, running will boost your metabolism for up to an hour after your workout. In comparison, weight-lifting will give you a higher post-exercise burn that lasts up to 48 hours.

Anal beads and straight men: Do they get along?

Does using anal beads make you gay? This is the question that’s been bothering humans for a long time. It is one of the most important discussions we can have today! Here, we will answer all you need to know about these magical pearls that might possess the power to change one’s sexuality! Either that or beads are just another sex toy to help you reach orgasms. Let’s find out!

A free for all pleasure

Anal beads belong to a group of sex toys that anyone can use. There are no limitations. Well, there is one — you need to have an anus. If you have one, you are qualified to use beads. And that’s it. Some people believe that butt beads are designed for a specific gender, which couldn’t be farther from the truth. While some people might not be into anal stimulation, that is perfectly fine. But that doesn’t mean that others shouldn’t enjoy it. 

The thing is, anal beads for men can provide a different type of pleasure. Yes, we are talking about prostate massages. Insertion and removal of beads can massage the prostate, which is one of the often forgotten erogenous zones. 

Butt plugs and beads are common toys for men, and it just shows how versatile they are (toys, not men). More importantly, anal toys don’t need to be a sign of one’s sexuality, and you can use them regardless of your other preferences. 

Anal beads are a common thing

When it comes to anal sex toys, beads are on the top of the list. The only other toy that’s probably more popular is the butt plug. Of course, we are not counting dildos here since they aren’t designed specifically for anal play. 

The majority of people that are into butt stuff own a pair of beads, and it is completely normal. The only reason why some are against these toys is that they seem too intimidating. The idea of something that big being inserted into the anus is scary, but people often forget the fact that they don’t need to go all the way immediately. 

However, the freedom to take it easy is also one of the main advantages of beads. The smaller balls are at the end, which means that they are perfect for anal training. Since sphincter muscles require time to adjust to this type of sensation, anal beads might be a better choice, even compared to plugs. 

So, the idea of anal beads is perfectly fine, and you’d be surprised how common they are. Furthermore, the popularity of the toy only means that you can find numerous versions and designs on the market, so you won’t have any problems finding a model you like. 

Anal beads taking part in relationships

While the majority of people believe that sex toys are for solo use exclusively, this is just another common mistake. Sex toys are an excellent way to spice up the sex life and introduce something interesting and new. 

There is no reason for you to use sex toys alone unless that’s what you want to do. But keep in mind that playing with a partner will make everything a lot better. Submissive men enjoy handing over control of their pleasure since allowing your partner to dictate it can be quite arousing. 

But even if you are not submissive, it can still be a fun toy to use in the bedroom. Silicone anal beads are great during oral sex, and you can use them as a part of foreplay. Over the years, heterosexual men became more curious and open, and they are willing to try various ways to get pleasure. That includes butt plugs, pegging, and of course, anal beads. 

There is nothing wrong with trying any of these things with your partner as long as both of you are on the same page. Using sex toys together is a great way to strengthen the relationship and become even closer. 

A thing for self expression

One of the main misconceptions is that using anal toys will make someone gay. That is simply not true. A person doesn’t become gay by using sex toys or by standing near 5G towers. They are born that way. And if you are not into men, that’s perfectly fine. You won’t become interested in them after trying anal beads. 

People need to understand that using anal beads is for pleasure. It allows men to experience intense orgasms, and massaging the prostate is a feeling unlike any other. So, you don’t need to worry about your sexuality if you are curious. 

The only thing that will happen is that you will feel incredible. Of course, those that have never tried anal play before should use a lot of lube since it is the only way to have a pleasurable experience.

It’s a pleasure thing, not a gay thing

The entire point of anal toys is to provide pleasure. And if you have an anus, you are qualified to have a good time. It is as simple as that. The same way women can use anal beads, so can men. And there is nothing wrong with it. 

Owning sex toys doesn’t mean you are less of a man too. Giving yourself anal pleasure only means that you care about yourself, which is acceptable nowadays. Because of that, the LG shop helped normalize the idea of buying sex toys. After all, people should understand that wanting to experience pleasure is not something gay men can do.

Moreover, everyone can have a good time. So people need to stop worrying about pointless things and start enjoying life. Maybe if some men would remove the metaphorical stick from their ass and replace it with anal beads, the entire world would be a better place.

Satisfying Your Chicks with Dicks Desires with Shemale Sex Dolls

Does your gal sometimes crave for dicks? Now, it’s perfectly normal for any women out there, including those who are in a same-sex relationship. Dick fantasies are common in lesbian women. One reason is that, some women who are in same-sex relationship are bisexuals. As a result, they are equally fond of vagina and dick. Besides, the most important reason is every woman loves the feeling of penetration, especially with a dick- despite her sexual orientation. And this is where a shemale sex doll comes to the rescue.

Sex dolls have been doing the rounds for quite some time now. Female sex dolls are the most popular and male sex dolls too are nothing new. But, the sex doll industry has been smart to acknowledge there are sexual interests that go beyond the straight male and female sex doll fetishes. Thus, they have come up with a line up of super gorgeous shemale sex dolls as well.

You must be looking forward to know more about shemale sex dolls. Well, the good thing is the post below offers a brief on these stunning babes out there.

Beautiful dolls with dick

Shemale sex dolls are just like real-life shemales. Yes, they apparently come up as lovely babes but underneath they also feature a hot protruding dick. So, next time your gal or you crave for some dick fun, count on these shemale sex dolls hands down. The best part is these shemale sex dolls will enamor you with truly life-like dicks. The penis here looks just like a human dick and would drive your gal insane with passion just with mere looks. It would be soft, squishy as you will insert it into you, it will feel like being inserted by a man only. The bottom-line is, with a shemale sex doll, you or your girl won’t miss out on the sexual pleasures of having a human man by your side.

So, whether you wish to try out a doggy position or a cowgirl ride or a threesome, you and your lesbian partner will be able to do every such sexy stuff with a shemale doll.

More color to your intimate sessions

No matter how amazing your sex life is, it’s natural to get bored after a point of time. Both of you repeat the same moves and positions time and again and hardly there is any variation. It makes the whole thing very dull and drab. But, a shemale doll will change the whole aura for you two and for better. You will get something new to try on and experiment with. There will be new possibilities waiting for you which will make things more interesting for both of you.

Make no mistake- having a shemale doll in your life doesn’t mean your partner doesn’t need you anymore and vice versa. These sex toys can’t replace the actual warmth of human relationships. They are solely meant to open the doors to something new so that you can have more color and more spice in your sex life.

A girl doll underneath

A shemale doll isn’t just about a strong dick. These dolls also sport a stunning female body. They are crafted with beautiful wholesome boobs and fuller hips to die for. Then, these dolls usually come with removable penis. And underneath the penis, you will have a cute, soft vagina which you will love to lick and kiss all through the night. Your girl and you will have some truly unforgettable moments with her.

Realistic feel

This is one of the best parts about having a shemale doll. Modern shemale dolls are crafted with life-like features so that it feels like having sex with a human person only. The high quality shemale dolls are mostly made from silicone and TPE. Both these materials are excellent for soft, smooth human-like features that will hardly make you miss out on a real human. Right from the protruding dick to the soft boobs, every aspect of the doll will feel realistic and full of life.

Why shemale doll and not a man or male doll?

A lot of lesbian couples are possessive about each other. Now, that’s normal and almost every couple is. You might not wish to see your woman having fun with a real human man and your girlfriend might feel the same about you as well. A third human in the relationship will create unnecessary tension and stress and misunderstanding. But, you won’t have such worries with a shemale doll since it is an inanimate object.

On the other hand, a male doll can’t replace or act as a substitute to a shemale doll. A shemale doll is all-in-one and offers a unparallel experience that a straight male doll can’t provide. With a shemale doll, you have the erogenous zones of both a man and a woman. So, if your partner is planning for a cowgirl ride on the solid thick dick of your shemale doll, you can engage yourself in playing with the gorgeous boobs of the toy. This way, you all will enjoy a phenomenal threesome and moments to cherish for lifetime. With a male doll, your pleasures are limited to the dick part only. But, a shemale doll promises multi-faceted pleasure and hence always a smarter investment, especially for same-sex couples.

Now, shemale sex dolls tend to be little more pricey compared to regular sex dolls. It’s mostly because they sport more numbers of bodily features compared to a straight male or female sex doll. But, be ready to pay the price as they are simply worth it. If you go for it, it would be one of the best purchased you would ever make, especially if you get sex dolls that are exclusively offered by lovegasm. And do not ever skimp on the price factor just to save money. Cheap shemale dolls can’t give you that royal satisfaction that you will get from a high quality TPE or silicone-made shemale sex doll. Moreover, the cheap ones aren’t that sturdy and might loosen out on joints in a few months. So, don’t put too much stress on the price and look forward to having a remarkable experience with a lovely shemale doll.